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 Zhane vs. anyone

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Zhane Volkner


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PostSubject: Zhane vs. anyone   Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:19 pm

He stands there with the 3 pokeballs on his belt. He waits for his random opponent to show. " Hmmm." He says as he waits for his lucky opponent to face such great trainer. " He is running late." Says Zhane as he has his backpack on and the wind blowing against him. " I hate when i fight late opponents."


1. Shieldon LV. 5
Metal Claw, Harden, Metal Orb, Metal Shards

2. Machop LV. 5
Brick Break, Jump Kick. Karate Chop

4. Buizel LV. 4
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Zhane vs. anyone
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