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 Rules to be a trainer

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PostSubject: Rules to be a trainer   Sun Jul 20, 2008 6:24 pm


Before getting to playing please register your Trainer in the trainer registration forum.

Then please get a starter pokemon. You may attain one by going to the lab.

After having a starter pokemon you may start training or battling.


The badges are collected differently. From time to time a tournament registration will be opnened. In this registration- you will be able to register for the badge exam. The fights will be watched by admins and after the tournaments an announcement will be made as to who earned the badge. Winners report to the admin immediatly.

Trainers who have eight badges may register for the grand pokelegue. There they will have a similar exam in wich the ONE winner will be chosen to face the current elite.

If while facing the elite, the trainer at some point looses his match- he may choose to replace any of the elites he has beaten up to that point. If he beats the whole elite, he may pend for the pokemon champion match.

From time to time, with the agreement of all four elites, a special tournament known as Elite clash will be held. During this event the four elites compete in a tournament. The winner of the tournament will face the current champion for the champion title. This special tournament can only be held every two weeks.

The champion match is between two trainers. The current champion and the challenger (either from the elite four or a trainer). The winner is decided by admins and the match should be epic. Have in mind that the Champion has great benefits and is the most respected player amongst us all RP wise.

Good luck reaching these heights, trainers!
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Rules to be a trainer
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