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 Luca's leveling outside Dorm cave

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Lucas Sykes


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PostSubject: Luca's leveling outside Dorm cave   Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:22 pm

He walks into the area with all of his pokemons released, scouting around. His attention is quickly caught by a group of geodudes near the outer walls of the cave. He grins "Alright guys, let's do this" all pokemon nod in agreement, Hound seemed to be the most eager. "Each of you take one on each" They nod and charge the unsuspecting pokemons and leave the trainer behind to monitor.

Hound was the quickest and therefore the first to arrive towards his opponent. The geodude reacted and turned to face him. Hound would then suddenly distort and glow, increasing his speed ay beyond the geodude. He ran around geodude and sent fires from his mouth, burning the geodude so much it began to flee. "Dont follow hound! you did good!" shouted the trainer to houndour.
Tarzan would release a fiery wave of razor leafs towards the second geodude. The leafs hit and beeing the geodude's weakness they knock him back and the opponent begins to flee. A rather easy victory for Tarzan, but well deserved none the less.
Psycho had the easiest time of them all. He didn't even run towards his opponent. Instead he walked towards him and sent a wave of psychotic confusion one after another to the geodude. The geodude was hard and defensive against meelee attacks, however psyhic wansn't exacly their strong part. He fleed in terror and confusion.

All three pokemon cheered and the trainer congratulated them. But here came another group enraged with what we did to their friends. There were six in tottal. This was rather junnexpected! "Go all three of you! take two each!" shouted the trainer as all three would dasg towards their own set.
Hound distorted as his speed increased once again. This would make things so much easier for him. He jumped between the two geodudes and avoided their pounds and growled. He then spew fiery flames from his mouth. Knocking one geodude back. It would flee. Hound felt a hard punch land into his side and he'd fly to the side, but quickly regain control slicing his nails into the ground and sending another fireball and his opponent in high speed. The opponent would get hit and fall back, then flee.
Tarzan would glow hardening his skin, thusly increasing his denfense for the incoming oppnents. He sent another set of razor leafs at the frst geodude. The opponent was hit and knocked back. Too damaged to try and fight back. The second opponent reached tarzan and punched him. But tarzan's defenses were great and thusly, as he got the punch he sent another set of leaves in point blank range, resulting with the second opponent's fleeing.
Psycho would glow and distort. Having a tremendous speed as it was he sent a wave of confusion to the first geodude that would be too scared to come any closer afterwards. The second slow geodude attempted to hit psycho but luckily, he missed. After another quick wave of confusion the second opponent couldn't take much more and fleed.

The gang of geodudes had been defeated. Each pokemon cheered and got patted by its trainer. "Guys that was great! Im realle proud! come, thats enough for today. lets go home and rest" he grinned and walked into the distance as the pokemon followed.


Hound LV. 10
Bite, Growl, Ember, Taunt, Howl, Agility

Psycho LV. 10
Pound, Agility, Confusion, Miracle eye

Tarzan LV. 10
Harden, Sword dance, Razor leaf, Bite
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Luca's leveling outside Dorm cave
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