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 Just badge tournament match-ups

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Lucas Sykes


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PostSubject: Just badge tournament match-ups   Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:01 pm

You know the drill. Someone doesnt post in two days he or she is DQ. Use three pokemon and good luck:

1st match: Revo vs Lucius

2nd match: Zhane vs Sky


Final match: 1st match winner VS 2nd match winner

Badges will be presented to the worthy.


Hound LV. 10
Bite, Growl, Ember, Taunt, Howl, Agility

Psycho LV. 10
Pound, Agility, Confusion, Miracle eye

Tarzan LV. 10
Harden, Sword dance, Razor leaf, Bite
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Just badge tournament match-ups
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