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 The basics

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PostSubject: The basics   Sun Jul 20, 2008 6:12 pm


This game is in the fictional region of Aoii. Here trainers from all previous regions come to train and fight, to prove who is the best of them all.

Let me start of by saying that there shall be NO legendary pokemons. Atleast not for any player. Only in terms of an event. A certain user may be granted the permission by the higher authorities.

In this game you may RP, fight and have all sorts of fun, without having to download anything, just using your imagination.

Please ALWAYS read the first post in a certain topic, as it may contain important information (such as the catchable pokemon list in this certain area) or rules posted by one of the admins.

You may make a fictional profile, read the rules and get to playing.

After that may throw yourself into a wild pokemon clash! Good luck becoming the Master!

Maybe updated soon, do NOT reply to this forum, if having any questions please PM me.

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The basics
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